Sunday Night Open Thread

It’s a Sunday Night in January, 2021. I remember in 2015 I thought it would just be a few months to get this new TalkLeft site up and running. Well, a few months has turned into six years, and I still don’t know how to get the old site imported into this one, or whether this site should be TalkLeft com and the old one or how to do it.

The old site is getting too small for me to read on a mobile device. I really like this site so much better. If you haven’t registered here, please do.

It is free, and if you use your same username we will all know who you are.
It’s also much more protected against Spam.

Let me know what you all think since we have some downtime while Colin is fixing whatever I messed up on the old site that’s keeping us from posting comments there


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  1. Thanks, Colin is working on fixing the other site, but I still hope one day that this will be the “new site.” It’s just that there will probably have to be two sites, the old one will change to “” and this one will change from “” to
    Importing the old posts which are on a discontinued “scoop” platform to wordpress would cost thousands of dollars, if it could be done at all. Colin says it would not be a big deal to just remove the “premium” for this site and and change the old site to “” although changing the graphic addresses might be tougher.

    Is there anyone who doesn’t see better on this site?

    1. I love this site. It’s much more readable for me (on a Mac, using Firefox). I urge you to make the switch, leaving the old site accessible at a separate link.

      1. Thank you Coral, that’s kind of what I’ve been waiting for — readers to chime in with their approval or “hey, I like this”
        My eyes really have a hard time reading and seeing in the small spaces unless I’m on a desktop, and i just like the bigger type.
        By the way, users can individualize there own settings by going into the admin section and finding their names. I think you can add photos and tag lines and
        eventualy I’d like readers to be able to pick their own topics for discussions. The comment box here is custom made, wordpress doesn’t offer good comment space, at least in my opinion.

  2. Also, this site has the buttons at the top of the comment box that lets you put in a link and a quote and bold and italic.

    And on the side, if you are logged in under your user name, there’s a section that shows comments since you last logged in so you know in advance if new comments have been posted.

    And I can block comments from certain countries which greatly reduces spam.

    1. Five minutes to re-edit your comment(s) is the feature I like best. Although a quick way to tell what has been posted since your last comment is convenient also.

      1. The current site has one feature I really like, the marking of NEW comments since you last read. I have been using this for years to simply look at new comments by searching for w] with the browser

        ETA: BUT I will take the ability to Edit as a trade off

  3. Cap’tn Howdy, I’m so sorry. I just read that Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders is throwing her hat into the gubernatorial Rethug dumpster primary. Oy. I bet she’d even win. Any good Democratic prospects?

    1. Sadly a Democrat is unlikely to win. Not impossible. Unlikely. Our current Gov has earned my respect as a person who generally wants to do the right thing and help people.

      I’m sure Elmira won’t be the only republican. But as you probably know her father was Gov.

    1. Question
      When it says “awaiting moderations” is it actually waiting for someone to moderate it or is this just the period when you can correct or delete it?

  4. I think I’m in. The email to reset my password was in my junk file as someone suggested. Let’s see if this works.

    1. Glad it worked. Colin is still working on the other site. The comment box was built in 2006 and something went haywire in it so he is going to try and put in a regular comment box and see if that fixes the problem, and if so, then rebuild the other one.
      Or, it could be something else entirely (I hope not!).

  5. This whole senate organizing thing is stressing me out. Schumer is letting McConnell still run the senate. Amy should be senate leader. She never would let this nonsense be happening.

  6. Test.
    While I like the New Comments feature of the other site, these 62 year old eyes are loving this one. The rating system is another interesting feature, but I never knew if 1 was good or bad!

  7. Exciting news! The Republic is in safe hands. Tr*mp fired his competent and professional (if reactionary) defense team from South Carolina, and just hired the former DA of my county — the one who declined to prosecute Bill Cosby years ago — who until last week had his office on the side street around the corner from us. He’s awful.

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