Tuesday Open Thread

Here’s an open thread. All topics welcome.

It is really cold here:

Forecasters say temperatures in Denver will top out at 4 degrees on Tuesday before dropping to as low as minus 9 at night with a wind chill of minus 15. A 70 percent chance of snow remains until this evening through which about an inch is expected to fall.

The keyless entry system in my Jeep went haywire yesterday. As I was pulling it into my garage it flashed a message saying there was no key activated and the engine shut down. (At least I had finished parking it.) I can start the engine with the key fob but I keep getting that message. Jeep says I have to take it in. Not what I want to do when it’s 4 degrees out, the roads are slick ice and the jeep dealer is 15 miles away. What if the engine shuts down on the way to the dealer?

I think I’ll just stay home, test my new Spanish learning program, play with WordPress some more and maybe get some work done.

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    1. Zorba, I just joined. It takes effect tomorrow. It’s now down to 0 degrees and getting colder so I doubt I will be ready to take it there before Friday. I wasn’t planning on driving on New Year’s Eve, so I can wait.

      1. Stay warm, J.!
        I hope it’s at least a little warmer for you on Friday.
        And a good plan, not to drive on New Years Eve, even if your car was in perfect working condition. Too many nuts and drunks on the road. We plan to stay home that night, as we have done for years, and have a bunch of oysters with mignonette sauce and hot sauce, and drink some Prosecco.
        Happy New Year!

        1. An old boyfriend used to say that he didn’t go out on New Year’s Eve because that’s when all the amateur drunks were on the road. It seems like a good philosophy to me.

          mmm…. oysters…

          1. Forget the rookie drinkers, the cops are reason enough to stay off the roads on NYE if possible.

            Well maybe not in NYC, if the cops are still on quasi-strike…but here in the ghetto ‘burbs forget about it.

      2. My keyless start failed last year. And the 2009 model didn’t have the keyed start feature so I was a little panicked. Fortunately for me the steering lock had recently been recalled and it was a free fix instead of costing $900. Good luck with your Jeep. I love a pushbutton start but next time I’m going to make sure there is an alternate way of starting the car in case of emergency.

        By the way, though, I’m not seeing any indicator for new comments. Am I just missing something?

        1. There is an “unread comments” section on the right (just under recent comments) you will see when logged in. I made all the comments the same color background but will probably make the unread comments a bit darker, I didn’t like them with a blue background. I can’t import the feature from the old site that shows them as “[new] in red….it’s way beyond my skill set and no WordPress plugin seems to offer this.

          1. The red “new” indicator was/is handy, but so was/is the

            (163 comments, 104 new)

            thing at the bottom that I could check to see if a thread I’d already looked at had accumulated a lot of traffic since.

            But don’t think of this comment as a complaint, think of it as helping test the new system.

            : – )

    2. Well, the story didn’t end well for my jeep, even though I was able to drive it in afterall and not need a tow. They really couldn’t figure out what was wrong, but it’s in the wiring or electrical system someplace, not the key fobs. It was $165 to diagnose and then they were going to order some parts — hundreds of dollars, if not more. The 3 year warranty expired in July, and I realized it would need new tires and a new battery within a year, and no other problems would be covered. So I bought a new car.

      I love my new Jeep, it has 7 miles on it, and it’s a V-8 like my last one, which are getting hard to find and probably being phased out. I tested the V-6 Pentastar engine but it wasn’t powerful enough. The dealer is right at the base of I-70 in Golden, so you can test drive up the big hill on I-70 to see how powerful the car is and whether the engine seems like it’s struggling when you try to go from 25 to 65 up the big hill, or gets louder. The V-6 got louder and struggled, the V-8 just sailed right up it. So it was the V-8 again for me. (I drive about 3,000 miles a year so gas isn’t really a big issue.)

      My last 3 Jeeps were black, charcoal gray and lighter gray (a “granite crystal.”) So today I got a deep cherry red.…it’s really pretty, I just hope it doesn’t attract cops and I don’t wake up in three days and wonder what I was thinking.

      1. Oh, too bad about the cost of repairing the old Jeep, J.!
        OTOH, the new one is certainly pretty. I don’t think the new one will attract all that much attention from the police, especially when they see it’s not a teen-ager driving it. 😉
        (Not that you look like at all like a “little old lady” or anything, but you know what I mean.)

  1. Watching the rerun of Breaking Bad. They are running pretty much non stop promos so Better Call Saul.

    It actually looks like it might be really good.

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