ISIS and the Jordanian Pilot Hostage

The father of 1st Lt. Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh, the Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS has issued a plea for his return.

“I direct a message to our generous brothers of the Islamic State in Syria: to host my son, the pilot Mu’ath, with generous hospitality,” he said. “I ask God that their hearts are gathered together with love, and that he is returned to his family, wife and mother.”

“We are all Muslims,” he added.

Here are very large-size (non-violent) photos of his capture.

What are the chances the pilot will not be killed?

The predecessor of current IS leader al Baghdadi was Abu Umar al-Hussaini al-Baghdadi al-Quraishi. He was the first leader of the group, while it was still known as the Islamic State of Iraq. To counter false accusations about the group, he issued a statement outlining the group’s “Aqueedah”. An English translation is here. Among the passages:

We believe those who defend the infidel/apostate rulers are also apostates, as are those who help them (rulers) with any type of defense or aid, such as clothing, food, medicine or anything else that can strengthen their position. So, his actions (helping apostate rulers) thus, will become the justification/reason for us to shed his blood (due to his apostasy).

IS supporters on Twitter are not sympathetic, to say the least.