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  1. At least on my work computer – I have sidebar links, but the main page doesn’t show up when I open the page. I have to scroll down to see the “beginning” of the page.

    1. I was experimenting with another theme while you logged on. That should not be a problem now.

      I’ve been trying to make changes after midnight here when no one is on the site.

  2. Just taking this for a test run.

    But so far, so good, but I am noticing no subject line. Like texts, it’s not really needed, but just something I noticed.

    Trying out a little of the formatting pay no mind to the quote from TL:

    Either way, I intend to eliminate comments posted before 2011, keeping only those from 2011 through 2013. There’s just no reason to
    keep the site bogged down with more than a million comments. (I last
    purged comments in 2006 or 2007.) If you want to preserve your
    comments, you should start reviewing them and saving those you want to
    your hard drive now.

    Can we seriously post images, testing off my desktop, strike that, you need to post the address of the pic, like this:

    Or the one an only pic you will ever see of me, scratch that too, i can not post a pic from my drop box account. Pretty cool none the less. Does anyone know what the rules for pics are, there is nothing int he help area.

    I noticed the preview is below.

    Does anyone know what the code sample, horizontal rule, or more buttons do ?

    That is horizontal rule and I am guessing the more button, is like the the old TL, more option the authors normally use for longer posts, I tried it above, but it’s not doing anything in the preview area.

    This is pretty cool, over all a great improvement. I would be nice if you non paying posters were limited to X amount of posts per day or thread, that seems like it would keep the trolls at bay and give people who pay a feature not enjoyed by all.

    I can say with quotes, what the user sees is much more aesthetic, with links looking more like footnotes than just a huge link in the middle of the text, pretty neat.

  3. It looks pretty good. Clean and easy to read.
    I wonder how far “nesting” of replies goes?
    And I don’t see a “preview” button.

        1. Urggh.
          I think the link thingy may not work. Go to WordPress and look around for “gravatars.”
          I don’t know what else to tell you, nycstray, sorry!

      1. I think that five is okay, for now. We will let you know, I’m sure, if more is necessary. 😉
        Comments that have more than five responses often tend to become just back and forth arguing and sniping, anyway. Not always, but a lot.
        BTW, I did see the preview below the comment box. Thanks!

  4. The preview is automatic, it’s below the comment box to the left of “post comment.”

    This may or not be the final theme (look) of the site.
    I spent hours trying to figure out how to add a subject line to comments, but it requires changes to the hard-coding even with a plug-in that is beyond my abilities.

    I don’t think you can post pictures in comments as of now because I have the feature turned off. The buttons are mark-down and from a plug.-in so all of them may not work.

    If you hover your mouse over the buttons, they will tell you what they are. You can also click on the question mark button.

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